hSlides is a jQuery horizontal accordion, sliding the panels around to reveal one of interest. It’s very flexible on how to move the panels.

Configuration options:

  • Width an height configuration, including width when the panel is closed, or when no panels are open (centered).
  • Speed and easing of the animation.
  • Event triggering the animation.
  • Sensitivity threshold, interval and timeout to avoid unnecessary open/close.
  • Panel positioning:  first panel on the bottom and next on the top, or viceversa.
  • CSS class applied to the active pannel.
  • Callback functions on enter and on leave.

Check out the demo.

Download from GitHub.

4 Responses to “hSlides”

  1. Manuel

    Hi, im trying your fantastic code (hslides) in one of my websites. It works fine, but I need something.

    In the third of the slides I have a form with a search filter. When I search something I use POST, then the web shows the information fine, but in this page refresh, the active slide is the first, when I need to keep active the third.

    Im not very good using Javascript/Jquery, so, what JS event can I use to keep the third slide active with any refresh?

  2. Andy


    I have some problems, using the accordeon with IE 10, the tabs are not shown vertical, but horizontal. In IE 9 it still works fine.

    • Jesús Carrera

      I created this plugin before IE 10 was released. Can you let me know exactly the problem?


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