jOdometer is a jQuery counter that works like an odometer: moving the numbers up like in a wheel. It supports decimals. We can configure:

  • Start number
  • Stop number
  • Delay between the number change
  • Increment units
  • Speed and easing of the animation
  • Easing of the animation
  • Different styling options, including a PSD to edit the numbers image.
  • Whether to format large numbers with comma or not.

We can also update the numbers manually.

Check out the demo

Download from Github

4 Responses to “jOdometer”

  1. Muhaimin

    is there any jquery plugin without using image

  2. Hank

    This is some really nice code and works well. Thank you for sharing it.

    The only thing I noticed is that it doesn’t handle rollover at all — like going from 999 to 1,000, the thousands place is not automatically added.

    I’m looking into it, but I think I’m going to have to detect that event myself, and if it happens, reload the object with the new value.

    • admin

      Not sure how you did it, but it works for me: just use a config like this in the demo files:

      $(‘.counter3′).jOdometer({increment: 1.00, counterStart:’00995′, counterEnd:’1005’, numbersImage: ‘images/jodometer-numbers.png’, formatNumber: true});

      and give .counter3 enough widht.

      It adds the thousand place correctly.

  3. Sal

    Really cool plugin, thanks for sharing :)


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